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Classes are Monday - Friday after school , for grades K - 6. 

Bus service is available.

For Regents prep classes and Saturday classes please call (516) 293-2641

The Hellenic School of Saint Markella was founded by Bishop Petros, of blessed memory, in the early 1950’s. In 1958, Father Niphon, of blessed memory, sent his spiritual daughter, the nun Siglitiki, to New York to assist with the school. In 2004, Gerontissa Siglitiki was honored by The Greek National Herald as teacher of the year for her many years of service to the Greek community.

By 1974, the Greek Orthodox Church and School of Saint Isidoros had also been founded.

Both Greek schools continue to be operated by the Sisters of Saint Syncletike, under the direction of Gerontissa Siglitiki.

Instruction includes Greek language, history, literature and geography. 

Students may continue past the 6th grade to prepare for the Greek regents examinations.

Any questions/For more information please call: (516)293-2641

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